Inclusion Statement

CÉIM Inclusion Statement 

We’re on a mission to make CÉIM as welcoming, inclusive and accessible as possible for 1st year students and CÉIM leaders. If you have any suggestions about this, we’d really appreciate hearing from you.Contact the CÉIM team at


  • Every student taking part in CÉIM, regardless of personal history or identity categories, is a valued member of our peer learning community. You are all welcome here and you all belong here. 
  • Your experiences are important, and you should feel free to share them as they become relevant to your CÉIM journey.  
  • No student is ever expected or believed to speak for all members of a group.  


  • We are a learning community and should treat each other with the respect we would expect from others.   

  • We ask that all students work with the CÉIM team and our partners to create a welcoming environment that is respectful of all forms of diversity and that is free from harassment and micro-aggressions. 

  • Constructive disagreement is encouraged, but please attempt to balance discussions with efforts to build and maintain a welcoming peer learning community. Base the discussion on relevant materials or fact, and don’t make it personal. 

Your wellbeing  

  • The wellbeing of all students participating in CÉIM as 1st year students and leaders is of primary importance.  

  • The University of Galway has a wide range of student support services and you are encouraged to seek the support of these services.  

  • If you are facing any challenges, please get in touch with the CÉIM Team to discuss ways CÉIM, your School or the University support services can help you.  

Your identity 

  • You have the right to determine your own identity. You have the right to be called by whatever name you wish, and for that name to be pronounced correctly.  

  • You have the right to be referred to by whatever pronouns you wish.  

  • You have the right to adjust your name and your pronouns at any point in your participation in CÉIM.   

Supporting you 

  • If there are any elements of CÉIM, such as session environment, session activities, leader training, leader debrief meetings etc., that result in barriers to your inclusion or don’t work for you, please get in touch with the CÉIM team as soon as possible. We are excited to work collaboratively to develop strategies to meet both your needs and the requirements of CÉIM.  
  • If relevant, you are encouraged to contact the Disability Support Service to determine what other supports may be available to you.  

Universal Design for Learning

  • Many members of the CÉIM Team have each undergone 25+ hours of training in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and are committed to embedding UDL into all aspects of CÉIM.  Particular emphasis has been placed on developing tangible examples of how to implement the UDL framework in peer learning settings such as CÉIM. 
  • CÉIM leaders complete online training and a substantial part of this focuses on how to run inclusive CÉIM sessions and UDL.