CÉIM and Sustainability

CÉIM is working hard to be more sustainable. We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment, to using resources efficiently and to developing a culture of sustainable development in all CÉIM activities 

Reducing use of paper and plastic 


  • Paper training guides and plastic folders have been fully replaced with digital materials. 
  • Attendance taking at CÉIM sessions has been moved online to reduce paper-based attendance registration.  
  • Group materials for leaders are now supplied in reusable cotton tote bags and plastic Ziploc bags are no longer used.  
  • Single-use water bottles and coffee cups are avoided where possible. Leaders are requested to bring their own drink with them to training.  
  • Documents are only printed when absolutely necessary. 

Reusing materials


  • CÉIM session materials are checked and where possible reused from year to year. 
  • Some materials with NUI branding will continue to be used when the new University of Galway branding is introduced



  • Where possible, waste is recycled.

Reducing transport carbon footprint


  • Travel is minimized where possible by using online meeting platforms. When travel is required, public transport options are always considered first.  
  • Materials for CÉIM sessions are transported by hand cart were this is safe to do so to avoid the use of vehicles 

Fostering responsible behaviour


  • CÉIM aims to encourage a culture of sustainable practice amongst CÉIM leaders