How CÉIM Works

CÉIM offers 1st year students a host of ways to connect with classmates and gain a greater understanding of coursework in a supportive and informal environment.

  1. Weekly peer learning sessions

Three/four student leaders from higher years facilitate sessions every week on campus for a group of 1st year students within the same discipline.

Sessions centre around getting to know classmates and maximising understanding of a particular subject in a relaxed atmosphere, and also integrate study tools, successful exam techniques and creative problem solving. 1st year students determine the content to be discussed, as opposed to the student leaders.

Sessions are intended to be a safe place where is it OK to admit to not understanding something, and to make mistakes. CÉIM is not a remedial support – it is aimed at all 1st year students. CÉIM sessions are timetabled and attendance is taken. Sessions generally start in week 2 or 3 in Semester 1, and in week 2 in Semester 2, and run for 50 minutes.

Student sitting on steps

2. Attend lectures and discussion afterwards
A great way for 1st year students to initially get to know each other is to arrange to meet to attend a lecture together and then discuss it afterwards. Any unanswered queries that the group has could be discussed at the weekly CÉIM session.

CÉIM student leaders encourage meeting outside of lecture times, but it is ultimately up the 1st year students to take the lead on arranging meet ups!


3. Group chat to ask each other questions and offer support
Each CÉIM group will have a dedicated chat on the groups preferred social media (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Discord etc.). This makes it easy for 1st year students to ask each other questions and generally share learning in a supportive environment.

CÉIM sessions usually follow this structure:

1. Opening (icebreaker or quick chit chat) – 5 minutes
2. Agenda setting (deciding what to do during the session) – 5-10 minutes
3. Activity/discussion (bulk of the session) – 20-30 minutes
4. Close (quick recap and planning for next week) – 5 minutes

How Came works: •	Co-curricular activity complementing lectures and tutorials •	Part of the academic and pastoral supports ecosystem •	Supports engaged independent learning •	Discipline specific  Timetabled came sessions run for 9-10 weeks in both Semester 1 & 2. Attendance is taken.   1st year students in a specific discipline are assigned to a came group. Weekly debrief sessions for leaders with staff for idea sharing and problem solving.