Digital Badge

Achieve a CÉIM Collaborative Learner Digital Badge

What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are a form of online ‘micro-credential’. They are slowly becoming more relevant in employment, and are being used more and more, especially in higher education, as a means of proving the skills and achievements of a person. Digital badges are a way of showing off your skills and achievements to the world. They are a symbol of time spent developing a skill, participating in an event, or as a showcase of achievement.

Badges are comprised of two parts: 

  1. A graphical design or image, like the one pictured above.
  2. ‘Metadata’, which contains information about the criteria of the badge and who issued it.

Digital badges can be showcased on many social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. They can be added to an online CV, or a website, and are an easy way to showcase talent, skills, or achievements to potential employers.

CÉIM Collaborative Learner Badge


1st year students can achieve a Collaborative Learner digital badge for regularly attending CÉIM sessions in a single discipline and reflecting briefly on their learning. The badge is currently open to 1st year students in the following disciplines where CÉIM is offered: BA Law, Geography, Engineering, Law (BCL), Law and Business, Law and Human Rights, Law and Taxation, Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Political Science & Sociology, Psychology, Science, Biotechnology, Genetics and Genomics, Spanish and Hotel Management.

The CÉIM Collaborative Learner Digital Badge from University of Galway / University of Galway Students’ Union will be awarded to 1st year students who: 

  1. Attend CÉIM sessions regularly during the academic year with a minimum amount of sessions attended in each semester (check YourSpace for the exact number of sessions required)
  2. Complete a short online reflection activity at the end of Semester 1
  3. Complete a short online reflection activity at the end of Semester 2



Students who have completed both reflection activities will be awarded the CÉIM Collaborative Learner Digital Badge during summer 2024.

Students who are awarded the CÉIM Collaborative Learner Digital Badge will be emailed information about how to download and use the badge and will receive a web link to information about the badge.

Multiple Disciplines

CÉIM runs in multiple disciplines and 1st year students may be eligible to receive the Collaborative Learner badge in more than one discipline. Please note there is only ONE Collaborative Learner badge (it is NOT differentiated by discipline), so students will only be awarded one CÉIM Collaborative Learner badge regardless of how many disciplines they have participated in CÉIM in – multiple badges cannot be awarded. As a result, students should choose ONE discipline in which to apply for the badge.

It is up to students as CÉIM participants to articulate to employers/academics/others their experience in CÉIM and any skills developed as a result – the more CÉIM disciplines students have taken part in, the more they will have to reflect on and talk about.